Transformational Guide

Dance & Somatics Educator /Artist.

Appreciated for his ability to share complex layers in movement, dance, and meditation with humor and simplicity.

Tal’s work pours fourth from a deep desire to share practices and ideas which enliven, connect, and lead us toward inhabiting more content, connected, and fulfilling lives.

I have been sharing Movement, Dance, Contact Improvisation, Shiatsu, and Somatic education since 2010, and I love witnessing what unfolds when people come together with the intention to share their creative impulses.

I also love the way being in movement with others, can act like water to a thirsty plant. My own path into movement, dance, and healing arts, was rooted in following a strong instinct to heal myself.

Societal expectations and experiences I had undergone as young man in the military convinced me that there must more creative ways to inhabit the body. Early on in my journey I was not seeking artistry or even a profession, I was simply driven by a conviction toward finding my personal sanity and inner connectivity. Now, I am happy to be sharing tools, insights, and practices that allow people to be deeply in touch.

I look forward to our work together!