Transformational Guide

Dance & Somatics Educator /Artist.

Appreciated for his ability to share complex layers in movement, dance, and meditation with humor and clarity.

Tal’s work pours fourth from a deep desire to share practices and ideas which enliven, connect, and lead us toward inhabiting more content, connected, and fulfilling lives.

Shibi is a native Jerusalem choreographer, improvisor, performer, and teacher of dance, contact improvisation, somatic awareness.

He earned his Bachelors in movement studies with an emphasis on choreographic praxis from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and he is an MFA Dance graduate of Bennington College.

I have been sharing Movement, Dance, Contact Improvisation, Shiatsu, and Somatic education since 2010, and I love witnessing what unfolds when people come together with the intention to share their creative impulses.

I also love the way being in movement with others, can act like water to a thirsty plant. My own path into movement, dance, and healing arts, was rooted in following a strong instinct to heal myself, while carving out a path of creativity and meaningful connection in life. I wanted to live more and more in the expansive state I felt when practicing presence in Dance. My logic was that if I could spend more of my moments in presence and joyful creativity, more of my life would be just that.

Societal expectations and experiences I had undergone as young man in the military convinced me that there must be more creative ways to inhabit the body. I still believe that more than ever. Early on in my journey I was not seeking artistry or even a profession, I was simply driven by a conviction toward finding my personal sanity and inner connectivity. Now, I am happy to be sharing tools, artistry, movement poetics, imagery, insights, and practices that invite people to be deeply in touch and in tune, while accessing their own spacious endless creativity.

I look forward to our work together!