Episode 1

Are you a Competitor or Collaborator?

In this Talk with Moshe Kedem, we dive into the topic of competition and collaboration through the lens of Men's Work and Healthy ways of integrating these seeming contrasting qualities.

Episode 2

Principles of Play.

A fascinating talk with Dr. Assael Romanelli from the potentialstate.com about multi potentialities, imposter syndrome and artful living.

Episode 3

2 Improvisational Movers talk about Life!

What's the connection between Improvisation as way of life, knowing yourself, allowing vulnerability and pain, being off balance, honesty, and change?


listen in to find out!

A dancing conversation with Improvisation teacher and choreographer Ilanit Tadmor.

Guest feature on Material for the Brain Podcast

I am a guest on Matan Levkovich's Material for the Brain Podcast, where we talk about conncetions between the need for control, improvisation, teaching dance as a path for growth, and a few other big life questions!

All about Men and Dance!

In this talk I am happy to be a guest on the podcast of Dancer, writer and educator

Hiie Saumaa.

check out her work here:


We talk all about the juicy topic of Dance and Movement for men, and how men in particular can benefit from exploring dance and movement in their daily life. Along the way we touch on some themes in contact improvisation practice, meditation, and more!