Beyond Skin

Bennington College spring 2022
from the performance: "Beyond Skin"
taken by Lindsey Miller

One way to use dance as a life practice, is to reframe it as a an opportunity for sensing presence/life force in the body while letting go of all self judgment. This allows for spontaneity and appreciation to be at the heart of movement. And all life is movement.

Men in Motion

Photo by Theresia Kaufmann
Dancing with my long time friend Matan. We share a deep love for movement as a pathway of sanity, play, and life research. I am proud to have him as a close friend who is unafraid to move fully in this life. I am intrigued by the topic of dancing men. When and how do men dance? What are the avenues available or encouraged for men to be embodied and connected to heart, bones, and brain?
In ancient mythology Ares, the Greek god of war was also the god of dance. A relationship was established between the physical and emotional body to work in harmony while allowing instinct to be expressed. It is known that in tribal cultures, warriors are dancers, and before battles, they dance with drums and music to encourage good luck in the fight to come. In western modern day culture, outside of professional sports, there is not much room for these qualities to be harnessed and channeled creatively. I hope for movement and dance to continue to evolve and be widely available and encouraged as avenues which encourage body awareness, athleticism, authenticity, self authority, and creativity in life.