Fostering Connection and Creativity

Through Movement and Dance!

For the past 15 years I have been deeply involved in the praxis and crossroads of dance, movement, therapy, and art. My Body of work is informed by many years of work with the body as a vast field and source of creativity.

I work as certified Shiatsu and Watsu therapist, professional Dancer, Choreographer, Improvisation workshop facilitator, Meditation teacher and Men's Work mentor.

In all of these arenas I have been most intrigued and moved by a desire to inspire people into accessing the creative state, their own ground of being where presence, authenticity, well- being, humor and possibility abound.

The tools I use to access that state within myself and to encourage others as well are continuously growing to include more layers in involving the whole of our mind-body-spirit.

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Tal is an attentive and grounding facilitator, expert at creating a supportive environment, listening to a personal story and eliminating the unnoticed aspects of it. He has a great deal of knowledge, tools and wisdom he shared generously.
I’m very happy and thankful for all the journeys we’ve shared together.

Asaf Cohen

The Men's Circle facilitated by Tal, is a place for being, breathing, receiving support and learning how to give it to others.
I experienced an immediate and lasting improvement in the quality of my life. (even now 2 months after the course) The experience gave more tools and humor on working with my shadows, as well as practical focus on the work I want to be doing. It's not instant magic, it depends on each individuals work, but Tal knows how to create the ground for becoming more connected to yourself and being better person, and a better man.

Aryeh Lederhandler