Why Dance?

Through Dance, You can Find Presence, and

Feel fully Alive!

I think about Dance as a doorway into a state of possibility. A doorway which we always hold the key to inside our self, in the present moment. In that sense, it gives us full empowerment to dive into the expanse of this moment, and witness our own movement unfold, take shape, and move us.

There are many ways to enter into an expansive state within oneself. Dance happens to be one that is immensely effective, immediately drawing us to our body, and it's fun. It keeps us enlivened and bright and by going deeply into the physical body, we can access that which is spirit or soul, the invisible part in us which is the fuel for the fire.

Am I a Dancer?

Everybody is a dancer!

Humans have always been dancing. Around fires, in celebrations, in mourning and ritual, and to pass and record our sacred stories.
When we dance we tap into an ancient language that is quicker than words.

These days, it is easy to forget that practicing a movement language is part of what connects us as human beings. Now, we just need some encouragement. In order to become a dancer, I had to practice a lot of dancing, but more importantly I had to widen my perspective of dance to include movement, awareness, joy, presence, spontaneity, inner authority, and above all: permission.

The Invitation

I Invite you to join the Dance.

My favorite way of sharing it is through Improvisational dance workshops which give tools for life. They include aspects of embodiment meditations, sharpening choices in dance-making, spirit-igniting writing exercises and many other tools that draw us into a state of possibility and creativity.

Values & Curiosities

I believe in the body as an expressive medium.

I believe in the infinite possibilities of living creatively, and in the effort to give meaning to life lived through the body.

I am asking myself how can I move in creative ways today? Where could I go and how might I need to move to see with fresh eyes and think outside of any constructs that have been handed to me. Is art-making something we do, or is it a place to visit?

Contact and Improvisation

My personal movement journey started with playing basketball at the park. I felt free, creative, and the social aspect of play allowed me to feel part of a team. In short, I felt connected. Connection is the powerful ingredient that when coupled with creativity can produce anything: Art, Life, Love, Laughter. (CI)


Workshops offer an environment where information can be exchanged in both formal and informal ways. I offer workshops in the cross-roads of Dance Improvisation, Meditation, Improvisational Performance, and the advanced practice of CI. The content being practiced is often dynamic and varies according to the curiosity of the participants. I encourage active participation and dialogue as means to create a culture of artistic openness and courage in our dancing and expression.

Workshop Sample:

Skills & Poetics

Over the years I have come to understand Contact Improvisation as a fascinating combination of skill and poetry, an elusive ingredient which elevates the dance into a unique personal expression.

In this workshop we will attempt to dive deeper into the combination of these aspects. Part of the play will consist of finding new pathways for weight sharing, and incorporating approaches from Authentic Movement to enrich our dance. We will enliven both our individual dance and our partnering work, while learning the vocabulary which makes Contact Improvisation an engaging non-verbal conversation. We will play with blending scores and games which create clear containers for expression, while using CI skills as a medium for expressing ideas and emotions. We will explore the balancing of improvisational skills with the fruitful challenge of learning new pathways and movement skills. In this way our dancing can be a meeting point between skill, imagination, poetry, and surprise.

How do we support another person’s weight safely? How do we give our own weight while still allowing softness in our body? What are the tactics we can use to create a sense of “flow” in our dancing? How do we communicate the skillful application of touch through the dance and bodywork warm-up?

Unless stated otherwise: all levels are welcome! If you’re wishing to find and refresh your creative curiosity while refining your unique dance depth understanding, this workshop is for you!

Tal is an attentive and grounding facilitator, expert at creating a supportive environment, listening to a personal story and eliminating the unnoticed aspects of it. He has a great deal of knowledge, tools and wisdom he shared generously.
I’m very happy and thankful for all the journeys we’ve shared together.

Asaf Cohen