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Being Seen

Being Seen
Dance workshop in MontrealMonday December 18th, 2023
5:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.White Wall Studio
4532 Av. Laval, Montreal


Tal Shibi is a native Jerusalem Choreographer, Improvisor, performer, and teacher of Dance, Contact Improvisation, and somatic awareness. He is continuously curious in exploring collaborations between different art forms, and widening the perceptions of performance and dance. In recent years he has been researching and teaching blends of CI alongside scores which optimize Improvisational intelligence and Performative Presence.More info about his work here:

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If you have been curious about the topic of visibility in your life,

and are wishing to move with more empowered presence;

this workshop will give you unique tools, practice, and expanded perspective to

move with a balanced confidence and rejuvenating awareness!


Hello to all dance makers, artists, movers and all those who love researching performance, presence, and improvisation as a clear and effective working tool.

In this workshop, we will create engaging solos on the spot through uncovering strategies which create transparency and connection with our audience.

This practice will enliven us and inform our movement in surprising and immediate ways. We will uncover some of the potential blocks towards enjoying being seen, and being more available to "show up" both in our dance and our life!

We will draw on cultural and practical contexts emerging from Contact Improvisation research in service of empowering our practice and understanding of our choice making and presence within our own *Solo Body dancing.

*Solo Body: finding pleasure, curiosity, and choice making within our personal Dance.

If you already enjoy performative practice and action, or have been curious about letting your improvisational creativity free, come and dance it!

We will use text, elements from contact improvisation, and understanding of score making to create clear, engaging and fun solo, duet and group dance sketches!

You don't need prior stage performance experience to jump in:) Some of the elements we will work with:

*Understanding how skillful touch can encourage and support solo moving*Finding ways to create meaning and clarity in our moving

*Opening doors into our Solo Body (following our interest and pleasure in our dance)*Diving into uncovering what active underlying beliefs or ideas might be internally blocking us from showing ourselves and "showing up" in our dance.

*creating clear language for practicing presence in movement

*Introducing the use of scores and score making as a fun way to create material for movement and self expression.

If you have been wishing to explore more of your performative self, jump-start your moving creativity, or just granting yourself the gift of permission in showing your unique dancing self; then come dance with us!

It's gonna be silly
It's gonna be bold
It's gonna be wild
It's gonna be deep

You will be encouraged to get comfortable with being a little uncomfortable and being excited For Being Seen In your movement!

We will tackle and grapple with the nuances, pleasure, and joyful challenge of being seen while dancing.

This workshop is guaranteed to shake things up in your body and life toward a deeper integration of your bodymind and spirit.

If you are a contemporary dancer, you will become more bold and embodied in your presence.

If you are a Contact Improvisation researcher, you will become more empowered in your solo body, which will lead to richer partner dancing and intelligent possibilities.

If you are a painter, you will gain new colors

.If you are a poet, be careful, this dance might burn you

.Do you feel the call for transformational dance of integrating body and spirit?

sign up and get ready to jump through transformative dancing!
FRENCH VERSIONBE SEEN: Dance workshop in Montreal Monday December 18, 2023
5:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. White Wall Studio
4532 Av. Laval, Montreal

Tal Shibi is a choreographer, improviser, performer and teacher of dance, contact improvisation and somatic consciousness originating from Jerusalem. He is constantly curious to explore collaborations between different art forms and expand perceptions of performance and dance. In recent years he has researched and taught blends of CI alongside scores that optimize the improvisational intelligence and performative presence. More information on his work here:

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