Individual coaching sessions

Mentoring and Guidance for Men seeking clarity, grounding and authenticity in life.

My approach is intuitive, clear, and friendly so that you can gain all the tools you need with ease to make the necessary shifts toward your natural, authentic, powerful, well-being abundant state.

write to to book a coaching-counseling session.

We don’t always know what we want when we set off seeking support.
But often times what we do know is that we are seeking support!
I offer that support. A guide to fine tune your path.

We all benefit from support

Whether you find yourself in a challenging time of transition, or in need of regaining clarity and insight into steering your life toward a fulfilling direction; I invite you into a process of discovering yourself from a fresh perspective.

I offer a series of sessions that are individually tailored with the tools and techniques most useful for this process.

Together, we will go through a journey: allowing & encouraging you to rewrite your own story, while creating a new ground of being for living a passionate and authentic life.

In one on one sessions we can dive deep into the issues that are calling to be looked at and worked on, and together, create a new ground of being.

The Journey

Throughout a series of meetings we will use tools from meditation, embodiment, shadow work, somatic work, creative writing, embodied psychotherapy and dance.
At the end of each session you will receive engaging home practice for the week ahead.

Although I use the term coaching, this is not a typical "lets see what your goals are and get them" session. It is my experience that the most efficient growth process involves uncovering what is underneath what you think you want, so that we can cut through distractions and uncover the deepest layers of motivation toward creating a fulfilling life.

Sessions with me will not be adhering to any scripts or formulas. They will be tailored to fit each individual process with the most effective tools. No fake guarantees and unnecessary fluff.

This work benefits

  • Understanding our unique individual nature, so that we can become comfortable in our skin
  • Connecting with desire, body, breath and reigniting our spirit.
  • Working with our shadow, to uncover and transform limiting patterns
  • Creating tools for coping with transitions, challenging times, and confusion.
  • Gaining a daily meditation practice and ritual

During the sessions we will look at patterns which are holding us back, Identify a new strong and exciting story for our self, and create +nurture our inner landscape to become a nourishing soil for our desires.
This process will help you to find your own inner meditation and silence, and empower you to be on your way with daily practices that hold potential for change and cultivating a new path in life.

Tal is an attentive and grounding facilitator, expert at creating a supportive environment, listening to a personal story and eliminating the unnoticed aspects of it. He has a great deal of knowledge, tools and wisdom he shared generously.
I’m very happy and thankful for all the journeys we’ve shared together.

Asaf Cohen