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What is Men’s Work?

The world of Men's Work is part of a movement which seeks to promote a dialogue and practice which is unique to the spiritual, emotional and practical aspects of the evolution of Men.

The modern day roots of this movement began in the United States, revolving around Robert Bly's mythopoetic men's movement. In these meetings between men many topics which are intimately interwoven in our life were discussed: our aggression, shame, vulnerability (or learned lack of it), fatherhood, work in the world, romantic partnerships, relationships to other men and more.

The work of opening ourselves to dare to address the most relevant topics in our lives with other men, allows for a fresh process of becoming more familiar with our own instincts, intuition, and insight about our place and direction in life.

Why Men’s Work?

Men’s Work is a relatively new term encompassing any work that is more specific to men’s development, issues, challenges, and growth.
It is new because it is a nutrient which was once part of our collective diet when we lived in smaller communities, bands, and tribes. This allowed us to have intentional reflections from other men, elders, and friends on a more consistent basis.
For most of us, modern living means we can easily be prone to distraction, and a sense of needing to figure out life with in our heads. We get the strong societal cue that it is good to be successful and at the same time, many men do not have any support systems in which to guide them to their own authentic voice of what that success might look like. An intentional support system designed to do just that, is one of the most efficient ways for us to gain insight into our self and into our “stuff”.
The underlying logic being, that any one man’s work, is the work of the whole group. And in that process we accelerate; healing old wounds and opening windows toward new visions.

Why Now?

There is no other time.
We have all the tools to self-organize, communicate and put our brilliance together to empower our self and our world. In these times, when there is such a blatant competition for our attention (or distraction) We have the precious opportunity to reclaim our power and redefine our personal compass to one that benefits both our self and our surrounding community. All we need is to take the first step in the right direction.

This work is revolutionary in that in no other time could we meet this way with like-minded men, and create a support system for feedback, growth, and accountability to create real shifts in our lives. Be part of a community that is committed to your most fulfilled, actualized version; and learn how to support others to do the same.

Who is this for?

Any man seeking to get more clarity, perspective, humor fulfilment and joy in life.
Whether the themes are transitions, relationships, emotional clarity, or just feeling stuck as we all do sometimes.

If you are curious about your growth and this work – send me an email to talshibi@gmail.com with what (theme/issue/topic/) it is you are currently wanting to work on, and we can find a time to have a free 20 min. intro call.

The Men's Circle facilitated by Tal, is a place for being, breathing, receiving support and learning how to give it to others.
I experienced an immediate and lasting improvement in the quality of my life. (even now 2 months after the course) The experience gave more tools and humor on working with my shadows, as well as practical focus on the work I want to be doing. It's not instant magic, it depends on each individuals work, but Tal knows how to create the ground for becoming more connected to yourself and being better person, and a better man.

Aryeh Lederhandler